Okay, so this a masterpost with all kinds of things. there’s lots of websites to check out if you’re feeling down, bored, or need a distraction. It has over 500 games, lots of useful sites, a long list of websites to find movies/tv shows, helpful things you can use in/for tumblr, some resources for writers, a few delicious looking recipes, websites you can find textbooks on, links to other masterposts, and much, much more. I hope you all find at least something for you here and this post helps you out in one way or another. If any of the links stop working, just message me here and I will replace them. Enjoy!

Last updated: 07/31/14

when you’re feeling down

bored or in need of a distraction?

wanna play some games?

remember the games we played when we were younger?

more websites

wanna read some wiki articles? great!

here are some useful websites

this is a list of websites you can watch movies/tv shows on

this is stuff that relates to tumblr

this for those who enjoy writing

everyone here enjoys eating, right?

find books (mostly for school)

other masterposts you should look at

blogs you should check out if you like the stuff above

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